Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Went to School for This?

Gus is sick...again. Some sort of generic intestinal distress. Practically this translates into about ten poopy diapers a day and a moderately disgruntled toddler. We've been quarantined...again. Nothing to do in the house but read, and read, and read, and read. Oh! and watch a million episodes of Thomas the Train. I think that the new baby should be one right now so he has another playmate (besides me). On the upside, he is very snuggly. On the downside, he is constantly getting his tears, slobber, milk and other less fun things all over me several times a day. He stinks, I stink. We are both in tears about half the day, him because he's miserable, me because I'm tired, oh...and pregnant and now apparently cry for NO GOOD REASON! I forgot about that part.

Today's schedule: 2 renditions of "How to catch an elephant" 3 readings of "I love you stinky face" One reading of "The lorax" "Sneetches" and "Bulldozers" a couple chapters of "Prince Caspian" and about a dozen times through "Freight Trains." Try to force a toddler to like toast. Change a million diapers. Change both of our clothes three times. Try to convince Gus not to chuck his blocks at my head. Give up on trying to keep him from throwing toys and decide to watch Backyardigans and Thomas the Train till bedtime.

Weeks like this make me feel that my education is being wasted.

I just keep reminding myself...this is a noble calling, right? RIGHT?!?!?!


  1. Bless your gigantic heart! I know that you're exhausted...crazy....emotional..crazy. I hope that he gets better soon. And yes, it does get better soon. When they go to college.

  2. Ha! Thanks Miranda, always helpful. He is much better today and his attitude reflects that! Good thing, because I had a listing on ebay all ready to post if he didn't straighten up! lol.