Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Months

We finally got the computer back yesterday after not having it for two months. All I want to do is be on the Internet, catching up. My son, however, decided that instead, we are going to baby-proof this week. That's right folks, he's mobile! He has mastered the scooting roll and can cover distances of ten feet or so in less than two minutes. What is a scooting roll you ask? The scooting roll is where you draw your knees to you chest as you roll from your back to your belly. As you complete the roll to the stomach, you launch yourself forward off your knees and face-plant in the carpet. If you do it right you can gain 3-6 inches on your forward distance with each roll. He is sporting his first goose egg from pulling the camera with a dangling cord down on himself so our days of leaving him unsupervised on the floor while we shower or cook dinner are over until I get this house baby-proofed at the lowest level.

It is amazing to me how each child discovers mobility in a different way. Each baby I have interacted with has learned to scoot and then crawl with a different technique: traditional crawl, stiff-legged crawl, one-leg-stiff-the-other-bent crawl, the army crawl, the frog scoot and plop, the drag-your-legs-behind-you crawl, the swimming crawl. I wonder if Gus will show me a new one.