Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Prickly Sort of Week

Gus STILL not sleeping. I thought he was just in a new habit with the late night wake ups but I checked his mouth today and lo and behold, three more teeth (or four, his patience for mouth prodding rapidly disappeared). So apparently this isn't just a desire to see me go completely nuts from sleep deprivation on his part. The last couple days have been of the fussy variety. It goes like this:

Gus: Wah!
Me: What's wrong baby? Are you hungry? Do you want to nurse?
Gus: Wah!
Me: What about food?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Are you tired?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Do you want to sit?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Do you want to lay down?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Here, how about a toy?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Do you want to be held?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Diaper?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Are you sure you don't want to sleep?
Gus: Wah!
Me: Oh, you want to lay in your crib and scream with door closed! Got it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quick update

Rundown of the last couple weeks...

1. Joe got married, I got a new sister! Yay!
2. We all got sick in TN...not yay!
3. Gus turned six months old
4. Gus went on his first camping trip and handled the great outdoors like a champ!
5. Gus cut his first two teeth
6. We are all still sick...yuck
7. Gus is still in his not sleeping holding pattern
8. Gus hit 29 inches, the limit on the current car seat but I feel too yucky to go shopping for a bigger one
9. Spite family reunion where we got to eat lots of middle eastern food and meet all the new cousins that have entered the world in the last year or so
10. Four days back from camping and the laundry is still not caught up from camping (see no., 6 above)
11. Chana moved to Germany taking my favorite niece and brother-in-law with her...sad :(
12. I acknowledged defeat in the gardening sector
13. We are still in geographical limbo
14. We got Gus's six month photos done..Thanks Gail! He is adorable...as always

Well there is my five minute update. When things settle down and I feel better I will post more.