Monday, August 31, 2009


My in-laws are coming to visit for Rob's birthday next Monday. It is the first time they will see our house and I am very excited. As the house is fairly clean, this gives me proper motivation to tackle the clutter issues that have plagued us since we moved in. It also wouldn't hurt to go through some of this stuff before the baby gets here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Its a Boy!!!

Kitty Prison

Our cat is confined to the easily cleaned bathroom for what is, I'm sure, a direct result of his own stupidity. He manages to get himself blocked up every couple months or so by eating plastic bags, ribbons, hair ties, the discarded hair from my comb, Kleenex or basically whatever he runs across in the course of daily kitty investigations. Then we have to feed him lots of laxatives and keep him locked up until he passes whatever it is and solidifies again. This means that for a couple days we have been training for when the baby gets here. Night and day and cacophony of yowls and pitiful mewling have been coming from that bathroom as if we had totally forgotten the terms of his imprisonment. I get the sense it is a promise to never be that foolish again if we will only let him out, but as this is the fourth time in the last twelve months... I really hope he wears himself out today so I can sleep tonight...