Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why am I so OCD?

I am feeling my lack of preparedness for the baby. Though he is not due till February, I have yet to buy anything for him. The baby shower is in 5 weeks or so and I don't see the point in shopping until after that, but my super controlling nature that demands overpreparation for everything is starting to shout that I am not ready for him to be here. This is bleeding into my dreams... Last night I dreamed that I went to get a new cell phone and instead of handing me a phone back, they handed my baby. Rather than being happy about finally getting to hold him I freaked out about not being ready. I was telling the Verizon clerk that I couldn't take the baby because I didn't have a car seat or bottles or clothes or anything, so they would just have to keep him for a few days until I could get to the store.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wiki Name Game

Still rather undecided about what to name our son, Rob and I played the Wikipedia game last night to get some ideas for a name. We went to Wikipedia, hit 'random article' and wrote down the first five male names that we found. After going through about fifteen articles, we finally found our five names...

1. Joseph
2. Joseph
3. Joseph (and these were all from separate articles)
4. Thomas
5. Walter

The really funny thing is we picked out the name Joseph for our firstborn when we got married four odd years ago and that was the name we had picked out until about two months into the pregnancy. We rejected it because my brother's name is Joseph and we didn't want it to get confusing. Here we are poised at the six month mark and it is still the only name we can agree on. Weird...


This just made me smile today...

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So for those of you who do watch TV, there is a new game show called wipeout. They have an obstacle called the big balls which consists of (surprise!) four large red bouncy balls that resemble frosting balloons on a cake. Now if the contestant takes too long contemplating how to make it across the big balls, they are 'motivated' by a large red pendulum.

An example of someone who almost gets motivated...

I had my own encounter with the motivator last night. I came home from work and my hubby had decided to help me get around to tackling the laundry pile that I had been ignoring quite deliberately for four days. He has figured out that if he starts it I will fold it and put it away so it doesn't get wrinkly. Also, if it is in my kitchen it is much harder to ignore than in a hamper in the bedroom...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sarah Vs. the Morons (Pt. II)

I don't know why I attract these people, but I want it to stop...

I have been sick this week, so yesterday I went to the doctor.

Doctor: Please describe your symptoms
Me: I have a stuffy nose, low grade fever, sinus pain, my teeth hurt, chest congestion, coughing, sore throat and an earache on the right side.
Doctor: Why are you here?
Me: I was told high fevers were bad for the baby and it has been skirting 100 degrees. Also it has been three days, I am getting worse and cannot miss anymore work. I work in a restaurant and thought I should try to not be contagious.
Doctor: (checks my breathing, eyes, nose, throat, and one ear). What have you been taking?
Me: Sudafed and Tylenol...I thought that was all I was allowed to take over the counter.
Doctor: Well I could give you an antibiotic but I don't know if it is viral or bacterial. Which does it feel like to you?
Me: Ummm....I don't know? That's why I am here.
Doctor: Well which is it usually? Do antibiotics usually help you?
Me: Depends on whether it is viral or not...I usually can take other over the counter drugs, but I was worried about the fever with the baby and Tylenol is not doing anything.
Doctor: Well I really don't know what to tell you...does it feel like Sinusitis?
Me: You are the doctor, you tell me...
Doctor: What do you want me to do?
Me: Tell you what, you give me antibiotics, if it is viral, I will be in the same situation I was in. If it is even partially bacterial, the antibiotics will help.
Doctor: Well I will give you Amoxicillin
Me: I am immune to Amoxicillin
Doctor: Well I know that one is safe with pregnancy
Me: Well there is no point in me taking won't do any good.
Doctor: What other ones are safe with pregnancy?
Me: I don't know, this is a doctor's office, surely there is a list of that sort of thing around here somewhere
Doctor: Well what did we give you last time?
Me: You have my chart in front of you, why don't you look? And last time I wasn't pregnant so you will still have to check and see if it is safe for the baby.
Doctor: you know if that is one of the safe ones?
Me: ????? Why don't you look it up?
Doctor: Oh, I guess I will go look it up then...are you sure you don't want amoxicillin?
Me: Please just check the list....
Doctor: Oh, turns out it is just as safe as the Amoxicillin.
Me: Can I go now?

I go to this doctor's office all the time and usually they are quite competent...I think I should have gone to med school after all...but really, asking me to diagnose myself bacterial or viral? Asking me what to prescribe? What is safe when she has my history and the Internet at her fingertips?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sarah Vs. the Morons

Me attempting to order pizza today:

Me: I have a coupon for one large specialty pizza and one two topping for $20.99
Papa John's lady: What would you like for those?
Me: I would like a Hawaiian for the specialty and a pepperoni mushroom for the two topping
Papa John's lady: I got the two topping but did you want the barbecued chicken or barbecued chicken and pineapple?
Me: I don't want barbecued chicken at all, I want ham and pineapple.
Papa John's lady: We can't do that
Me: Do you have ham and pineapple?
Papa John's lady: Yes
Me: Why can't you put them on a pizza?
Papa John's lady: We can't do that
Me: Can I use that as my two topping pizza?
Papa John's lady: Yes
Me: So I can do that
Papa John's lady: Yes, But you can't do that with your coupon. I can give you the barbecued chicken pizza for $17.99 though
Me: I don't like barbecued chicken
Papa John's lady: I'm sorry ma'am but you won't be able to use that coupon
Me: What if I did ham and pineapple for the two topping and a deluxe or supreme or whatever for the specialty pizza
Papa John's lady: That would be fine
Me: But I can't sub a cheaper pizza for the deluxe
Papa John's lady: No ma'am
Me: Whatever, I will do the ham and pineapple and a deluxe pizza then.
Papa John's lady: Thank you that will be ready in 30 minutes

I really don't understand...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It Takes A Child

After trying for months to get on a more regular morning schedule and failing miserably, I have found the key. The last two months I have woken up between six and eight in the morning every morning to answer nature's call. Unable to get back to sleep as Rob's alarm starts going off at this point, I have been able to actually stay up most mornings. Apparently having a child squishing the bladder is one way to get a night person up in the morning. I get the idea the little darling's sleep habits will do the job once he is born.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just My Luck...

My boss was trying to get ahead on end of month entries tonight and asked if I thought I would be done at eleven (we close at ten). I laughed and told him that when I am head wait we always have a table walk in three minutes before close or a big party in the last hour. The odds of this happening are doubled if I actually have stuff to do after work which was the case tonight. Sure enough, at 9.43pm, we had a tour bus pull up outside with 23 Brazilian? agricultural leaders wanting a lot of food and spirits. I finally left work around 11.45 proving that my luck truly is that bad... I hate being right sometimes.