Friday, October 30, 2009

Less than Legal Endeavors

The other night my teacher friend called me to see if I would run to the school with her to pick up her laptop. The neighborhood is not the safest and she figured it was safer for two people to wander around Indy's less desirable parts than one (that and despite being pregnant, I am far bigger, stronger, and meaner than she is). We get to the school, park, walk to the building, unlock the door with her key, take two steps into the building and...alarms start shrieking. After a frozen moment of "what did we do now?" we run to the classroom, retrieve the laptop, and make our escape. On our way out of the school, we stop at the main building to try to inform security that we aren't miscreants vandalizing school property. Unable to find anyone, we decide to just leave. As we pull out onto the road, we are stopped by one of Indy's finest who informs us that despite having a key and a right to the property in the building we really are not allowed in the school without permission from the principle and a heads-up call to the police before we intend to break into the school. I suppose in the future I should ask her if there is any chance we could be arrested when she asks me along on an adventure.

Interesting side note: the school is Arsenal school and is housed in Indianapolis' got it...arsenal. It is a very cool property dating back to civil war times. It was later converted to a high school and is currently Indianapolis' oldest high school. Driving through it you get the immediate feel that it is a military post. I think it would be an interesting place to go to school. Check out some of the history: Ignore the creepy version of "Blue Skies" that plays on the first site.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This Just In...

From NPR's Wait Wait Don't tell Me Game Show...

They are recreating the Titanic's last voyage for the one hundredth anniversary on the H.M.S. Balmoral. Same number of passengers, same menu, same music selection, (my friend pipes in here...same iceberg). The hosts of the show commented that they hoped none of the passengers were packing irony while another added that while there was tempting fate and then there was giving it a lap dance.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sarah vs. the Morons (Part III)

Customer: What are the ingredients of this bread?
Me: Well I don't know all of them but it is a honey wheat bread.
Customer: Why is it brown?
Me: It has a small amount of pumpernickel flour in it to give it color.
Customer: I will need to see the ingredient label.
Me: Well the box is rather large to bring out here, what are you allergic to and I will go look for you.
Customer: I want to make sure there is no caffeine in it.
Me: In the bread?
Customer: Yes.
Me: There is no caffeine in the bread ma'am
Customer: I just need to see for myself that it isn't coffee giving it that brown color, I'm not allergic to caffeine, I just don't want to be up all night from eating too much bread.

Hard to argue with that...I wouldn't want to be up all night from eating bread either.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thought for the Day

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. From what I could tell from the little bit or research I was able to do, his winning the prize is a departure from the tradition of awarding the prize to people for extraordinary achievements in promoting peace. Rather, he seems to have been awarded the prize for what he plans to do in the future and has started to do. My political views aside, since when do we award people for good intentions?

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We have three cats. Two of them are rather large, running somewhere in the 15-18 lb range, and the other one is 7 lbs. We have four cat beds located in various places throughout the house. One of the large cats realizes that he is a big kitty and usually chooses one of the two cat beds large enough to hold him. The tiny cat usually opts for one of the big beds as well as she tends to sprawl while sleeping. The other big cat seems to think he is much smaller than he is as he always picks one of the small beds. This generates quite a bit of amusement as he always has rolls of fat hanging over the edge of the cat bed and the whole combination resembles nothing as much as a mushroom.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feed Your Family

Feed your family of four for $10.85 at Outback Steakhouse (where incidentally, the average entree runs from $10-$22). How, you ask?

Step One: Sit down with your wife and two teenage children
Step Two: Order four waters
Step Three: Order two six ounce sirloins with two extra plates
Step Four: Present a buy one get one $9.95 entree free coupon
Step Five: Chew out your waitress because the restaurant doesn't have crackers to fill up your children because you are too cheap to actually get them food

All I have to say about this situation is if you are really that strapped for money, then it is irresponsible to eat out at all. I can feed a family of four for $10.00 quite easily at the grocery store.