Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mr. Mom

How 'bout something different? 

This week was horrible. Rob was out of town for a budget meeting in Missouri leaving me home alone with two sick kids all week. I've barely learned to juggle two kids when they are healthy. Two sick kids? No one can help because we are highly contagious? I'm sure it's not that big of a surprise that Rob came home to an exhausted wife who hadn't showered in three days and two screaming kids. Welcome home honey! Yes we all stink, yes we missed you, oh, and I'm pretty sure there's leftover meatloaf in the fridge-help yourself! What? I can't hear was my week? Seriously?

Thursday night my phone disappeared. I found it Friday morning, checked my messages and discovered that we had dentist appointments that morning. We had already missed Rob's but I could make mine if I left immediately. Rob yelled "Just go, I got this!" I threw on clothes and left. I went to the dentist and then took the opportunity to go to the grocery store (I haven't been to the grocery store for more than milk and eggs since the baby was born). 

I wasn't even gone two hours.

I walked in the door to two screaming kids and an exhausted husband draped in stinky burpy cloths. He expressed wonder at the amount of poop an eight pound baby could produce and seemed annoyed with Gus's new charming habit of only needing things when the baby needs attending to. After professing my sainthood and apologizing in advance for having to leave me part of next week he politely asked me to wipe the grin off my face or at least stop giggling where he could hear me.


  1. Oh my friend!! I feel like you and I are channeling each other!!! What would our husbands do without us? You and I need a vacation with about 100 books between the two of us. I hope that everyone feels better very soon. If it makes you feel better, I just cleaned poo out of the carpet (again) AND stepped in vomit. BEST. WEEK. EVER!!!

    1. I love you Miranda! I think I must have the wierdest boys ever. I have never been peed on while changing a diaper but cannot tell you how often me and my carpet/couch/lap have been blessed with poop. I had forgotten how bad that was with a newborn. I guess I need to stock up on carpet/upholstry cleaner again because vinegar and water doesn't cut it on those messes...